Facts about GMO's

Gmo's (Genetically Modified Organisms) are a controversial topic.

I am an ESL teacher, who teaches mostly Asian students.

I use videos extensively to teach my students better English, and, as an educational tool. Weekly, I peruse videos, and select a few everyone, including myself, can learn from.

Recently I watched a startling video about GMO's, and their widespread use, especially here within North America.

The video is a fact-filled expose
about the entire GMO industry, along with its cover-ups and controversies.

Below is the link for this video, and some other evidence I've dug up on the issue.

You can easily come to your own conclusion about GMO's.

Let's put an end to this insane way of creating food products!

We are tampering with nature and destroying our lives, as this affects the entire food chain!

These signs are everywhere in north america!


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