Purchase hours

Buy a block of time for new or existing students

Dear students;

I offer very good rates, for anybody, anywhere. You can easily purchase a block of time, or top up your hours very conveniently.

I use Paypal as a payment processor. It is reliable, secure, convenient and available to anybody, globally. Paypal accepts both debit and credit cards.

To pay using Paypal, please follow these simple instructions;

When you click the link below to "buy now", you will see a space for "price per item". This is MX PESOS 430 per hour.

Simply enter this amount, then enter how many hours you wish to purchase, into the space for "quantity".

PayPal will automatically calculate the total amount of your purchase in MX PESOS.(430 MX PESOS= approx. US$22/hr) Once payment has been made you will have a record of this, and so will I.

Please note:
Paypal will do the conversion of your home currency into MX Pesos automatically.

Afterwards, please contact me via email (plse.see my Contact Page) to let me know you've just purchased a block of hours, and if you're a new student please inquire about your schedule if you haven't done so beforehand.

Thanks everyone!

Pay with Bitcoin

If paying by Bitcoin please use the handy tool to calculate the amount. Please contact us for payment information.

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